Action always focus on Creation

When we made ​​plans to go to our minds all over the place. Sometimes they are overly optimistic thought and we began to have delusions of grandeur. Sometimes their pessimistic thoughts and we become paralyzed by lack of self-esteem.

When we think is almost always about the past or the future. Present will be lost. Mind does not have much to do at this point. Everything appears to be safe at this point, there is nothing to worry about. No one regrets in the present, either. So they went time traveling and find things to worry about and dream about.

There is a time for this, of course. We need to reflect. We need to plan. We usually default to do things that are not healthy number, though. Focus yourself on the act of putting them back in balance.

When you act (put some knowledge into action, practicing, creating, playing, whatever) you force your mind into creative mode. It is now becoming better at something. It is now making something.

You have, in a flash, switching from a consumption mindset mindset creation.

Now that the foundation is in place to keep reading on to see how to turn inspiration into action


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